Streaming Media Course Reserves Request

Please read the following information thoroughly before submitting requests as the terms of this service have changed. For a detailed overview of using streaming media in your course, visit our Streaming Media in Your Course Guide. Direct any additional questions to your Subject Librarian.

This form is for requests for teaching materials sourced from physical media items (i.e. DVDs, Blu-Rays, VHS) owned by the library to be migrated into the Unviersity's learning management system (i.e. Canvas) and provided to FSU students and instructors in fully online or hybrid courses under the provisions of the TEACH Act and Fair Use.

Please do not use this form for purchase requests or for requests for licenses on other library-provided streaming plaforms (e.g. Swank, Kanopy). Both of these can be submitted via the the library's Materials Purchase Suggestion form.

Please note that all requests are carefully reviewed and may be rejected based on copyright, funding, timing, accessibility, or other logistical restrictions. Submitting requests well in advance of course start dates or the date a certain media item is required increases the likelihood that they will be approved. We cannot guarantee requests made inside of 3 weeks notice.

All materials delivered via this service will be:

  • Limited to students currently enrolled in a given course
  • Demonstrated to be integral to the course and directly related to its pedagogical goals
  • Restricted from further dissemination and access beyond an appropriate time period to meet the pedagogical goals of the course
  • Posted with explicit policy notices regarding copyright compliance

Important limitations of this service:

  • Requesting instructors are limited to three (3) streaming media course reserves requests per course, per semester.
  • If access to a full title is requested and the title is available for license on a library-provided streaming platform (e.g. Swank, Kanopy, Alexander Street Press or through other streaming media databases), instructors must reach out to their appropriate subject librarian in order to discuss licensing options.

Note on Accessibility & Subtitles:

All video materials must be provided with captioning to meet legal requirements for accessibiltity. If caption elements cannot be extracted from or produced for the original media, it cannot be hosted in Canvas.

Non-English language content will have English subtitles burned into the video by default unless otherwise specified by the requesting instructor.

Is this material required viewing for the course?
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